About Us

White Light Metal Fabrication is located in Red Deer, Alberta. We have been serving clients from all over central, southern and northern Alberta since 2012. Our manufactured products have made their way to British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the United States and overseas.  

White Light Metal Fabrication is CWB certified division 2 company with engineered welding procedures and retained welding engineers. Our quality management system is registered with ABSA the pressure piping authority. We are SECOR certified and a part of the ISnet safety world. 

White Light Metal Fabrication uses advanced technology:

  • Robotic Welders
  • Automatic Plasma Carriages
  • Automatic Tank Rolling
  • Plasma Table
  • Brake & Shear

Our advanced technology and equipment allows us to; weld longer seams – ensuring top quality welds every time, decrease production time, decrease operator error, increase productivity and improve the overall welded structure – creating a higher quality product for our clients.

Safety, quality and affordability are always on our minds for our clients, employees and products. We are thankful for all the opportunities we have been given to design and manufacture equipment for our clients and look forward to working with you on your next project.


CWB Certificate
  • ABSA Certificate

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